Tuesday, April 10, 2018

doubles in Cancer

This Sunday was thankfully clear and turned out to have exceptionally good seeing, consistently 7/10 with moments of perfection.  I had charts prepared for Monoceros so much time has passed under the clouds I found it was too low.  So I pointed up to Cancer for a quick tour.  Big Blue, 553x as usual:

HJ 460 / 53 Cnc: Orange primary and 2x fainter blue, wide separation.  There is a second orange-yellow star of about the same magnitude very wide separation.  [AB is the close pair, AC are the two orange.]
08H 52M 28.60S +28° 15' 33.0" P.A. 335 SEP 43.7 MAG 6.47,11.73 SP M3III DIST. 271.74 PC (886.42 L.Y.)

STF 1268 / Iot Cnc: Pretty orange and pale blue, showpiece object. 
08H 46M 41.82S +28° 45' 35.6" P.A. 308 SEP 31.3 MAG 4.13,5.99 SP G7.5IIIA DIST. 101.52 PC (331.16 L.Y.)

Cbl 32: Pretty yellow-orange 8th magnitude primary, with 3x fainter blue which can be seen direct vision but blinks like a planetary nebula, so must be 11-12th mag.  Wide separation.
08H 46M 14.32S +27° 35' 41.3" P.A. 174 SEP 41 MAG 7.39,10.66 SP K1IV DIST. 99.4 PC (324.24 L.Y.)

67 Cnc: White pair, 2 delta mag, wide.
09H 01M 48.84S +27° 54' 09.3" P.A. 327 SEP 105.6 MAG 6.08,9.22 SP A8V DIST. 58 PC (189.2 L.Y.)

STTA 97: Finder view shows an arc of three stars; westernmost star is a wide equal pair in the telescope.
09H 08M 27.16S +27° 32' 35.3" P.A. 238 SEP 51.8 MAG 8.30,8.31 SP G0V DIST. 42.57 PC (138.86 L.Y.)

BU 105 / Kappa Leonis: Very tough but palpable split.  Seeing needed to settle to perfection for primary to resolve to just an airy disk without diffraction or flaring, and for a couple of seconds could see the much fainter ~10th magnitude B star as a pin-point, ~2" separation.  Fleeting view.  [AB seen; amazing 5.1 delta mag.  AC is 11th mag and much further separated.]
09H 24M 39.28S +26° 10' 56.8" P.A. 211 SEP 2.2 MAG 4.60,9.70 SP K3III DIST. 61.73 PC (201.36 L.Y.)

STF 3132: Very wide 1 delta mag?  Not sure which is the pair...  [Not seen; three 11th mag pairs to the primary not seen.]
19H 28M 12.76S +20° 12' 59.6" P.A. 40 SEP 7.9 MAG 10.10,11.80 SP G5

Hu 1128 & Shy 212: tried to locate these but did not find.  Near zenith, though I was sure my star hop was correct.  Checking Stelle Doppie I see why: Hu 1128's B is 12th mag so beyond my reach, and Shy 212 has a crazy wide 494.4" separation!]

STF 1424: Very bright yellow, 1 delta mag wide.  I'm using too much magnification for a pretty view... [6 stars in system...]
10H 19M 58.35S +19° 50' 29.4" P.A. 127.3 SEP 4.74 MAG 2.37,3.64 SP K0III DIST. 39.89 PC (130.12 L.Y.)

Bvd 81: Very wide 2-3 delta mag yellow-orange & whitish-yellow. 
10H 16M 41.83S +25° 22' 14.5" P.A. 28 SEP 79.3 MAG 5.84,10.01 SP K2III+G6V DIST. 108.93 PC (355.33 L.Y.)

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