Tuesday, March 1, 2016

bino session

Some clear skies this evening, so spent some time with the big binoculars, checking Orion's sword, M45, M41, and the star fields of Monoceros.  The Hyades are very lovely.  I was picking out colored, mostly orange and red, stars -- doing the AL Carbon star list has made me more attentive, if not more sensitive, to star colors, and it's very pleasing.

After a half hour clouds moved through, and from what I could see of the west, more was coming.  But wouldn't you know it, after I packed the big binoculars away it was clear enough.  I have a bad habit of ending sessions too early.  Seeing was good too; Sirius hardly flickered.  It would have been a good night for doubles.

I used my 8x56 binoculars for a while, sitting in a lounge chair, taking it all in.  M38-M36-M37-M35 form a chain of star clusters which are really not very far from each other, all within the same or just beyond the same FOV.  It was nice to have the wider perspective.  

Some stormy weather coming, so hope to finally put together my astrometric eyepiece set-up for double star observing, so I'm ready to go when it clears.

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