Friday, March 13, 2020

12 march 2020

Last night's session was shorter than usual. Daylight savings time means I can only start observing after 9pm. And after an hour into the session my Argo Navis encountered a bug and was not responsive. I'm not sure what is the problem and reached out to them for help. Seeing 5/10 but with some good moments, and transparency was 2/5 -- airplanes casting their beams through the haze. 533x with apodizing mask throughout except where noted.

HO 247 AB; 508; 533x: Clean split with seeing, 1 delta mag, fairly bright pair. I found the apodizing mask worked better than the 8-inch mask, gave more resolving power. The 8-inch was only a snowman.
07h 46m 07.95s +21° 07' 19.2" P.A. 261.5 sep 0.54 mag 7.67,9.19 Sp F2 dist. 110.5 pc (360.45 l.y.)
grafico orbita

HO 246 AB; 508; 533x: A is an orange star, pretty bright, B only shows with averted vision and I can barely it hold direct. ~2". white
07h 45m 32.14s +25° 59' 19.2" P.A. 227 sep 2.6 mag 7.58,11.58 Sp K5III dist. 854.7 pc (2788.03 l.y.)

STT 179 AB; 508; 533; Kappa Gem. A looks like a kaleidoscope with the mask, colorful. B is a nice fine 8th mag star, a white hard point. Well separated ~8"
07h 44m 26.87s +24° 23' 53.3" P.A. 241 sep 7.2 mag 3.66,10.00 Sp G8IIIa dist. 43.35 pc (141.41 l.y.)

HO 36 AB: 508; 533x: Very finely split blue-white stars, very slight mag difference. Pretty tough. Seeing not quite good enough for higher mags yet, a wave of cold are just came through
07h 47m 34.74s +25° 28' 08.9" P.A. 306 sep 0.6 mag 9.85,9.94 Sp A0

STF 1140
AB: 508; 205x: Easy pair, light orange A and light blue B, 1 delta mag, wide ~8", ok lower mags
07h 48m 22.61s +18° 20' 12.4" P.A. 274 sep 6.4 mag 7.01,8.65 Sp K0III dist. 213.22 pc (695.52 l.y.)

STF 1147
AB: 508; 533x: Nice near equal blue-white stars, wide ~2.5" [not physical, surprisingly]
07h 50m 19.69s +24° 31' 55.8" P.A. 175 sep 2.2 mag 9.66,9.68 Sp G0

COU 926 AB; 508; 533x: Very tentative notched, noticable mag difference, only with seeing. Can't go to higher mag due to seeing.
07h 50m 38.16s +19° 44' 04.2" P.A. 254 sep 0.3 mag 9.50,9.70 Sp F0

COU 928 AB; 508; 533x: A is a light yellow-orange, easily 1 delta mag brighter than blue B. Wide, ~10"
07h 52m 40.85s +20° 02' 37.7" P.A. 99 sep 5.6 mag 9.20,9.70 Sp K0

WEI 17: 508; 533x: Another dual nine pair, white, slight mag difference, very wide.
07h 54m 02.88s +14° 56' 54.1" P.A. 96 sep 7 mag 9.01,9.28 Sp F0

SP 1 AB; 508; 1067x: Epsilon Hya. Can see elongation in the A star fairly easily and it seems to be in the correct PA (as noticed when I move the scope, which is near meridian, to the west), and also in relation to AB-C. It's swimming in diffraction but seen. Very light yellow-orange A.  [After checking the data and mapping out the PA of the different pairs, I would say I did NOT see this.  My PA for the elongation is in the wrong direction.  So, it really needs a better night.  The good news it the pair is widening so it should be possible in the next few years.]
08h 46m 46.51s +06° 25' 07.7" P.A. 252.9 sep 0.22 mag 3.49,5.00 Sp F8V dist. 39.64 pc (129.31 l.y.)
grafico orbita

STF 1245 AB; 508; 533x: Wide and bright pair, light yellow and orange, easy, slight mag difference
08h 35m 51.05s +06° 37' 13.9" P.A. 25 sep 10.1 mag 5.98,7.16 Sp F8V+G5V dist. 25.13 pc (81.97 l.y.)

AG 154 AB: 508; 533x: HO Cnc. Near equal well separated, light orange stars.
08h 36m 55.78s +23° 14' 49.1" P.A. 0.7 sep 2.68 mag 9.62,9.76 Sp K5 dist. 44.05 pc (143.69 l.y.)
grafico orbita

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