Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I had a short binocular session in my back yard last week.  I viewed M31 and M32, hazy patch with an intense core.  M15 was small, hazy, and round with a glowing middle.  Also watched a very slow satellite make it's silent way through northern Pegasus.

What was really special was finding a widely separated pair (if they are a pair) of bright orange and blue stars to the north of Lyra and Cygnus.  Very Alberio-like in color, but much more widely separated.  The orange star had a 3 delta mag companion close in to it.  I thought I wanted to look at atlases and figure out what it was, but decided not to.  I'd rather leave it as a beautiful memory, which maybe I can return to sometime in the future when I'm in the mood for the kind of daydream observing the binocular mirror mount lends itself to.

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