Wednesday, July 25, 2018


The forecast was promising last night, good seeing and transparency...  Unfortunately it was neither.  I looked at Jupiter for a while; no transits etc. and the view was soft.  I settled on which eyepiece to use for the ST80 finder, a 20mm super-wide.  I tried for some doubles, but had trouble hopping even with 80mm due to the marine haze being lit up by the nearly full moon.  In any case the view was poor:

Hld 20 / 5 Lib: Orange star, can't see the 10th mag. B.  The moon interferes, and it is close to Jupiter too so it is lost in glare.
14H 45M 57.78S -15° 27' 34.4" P.A. 249 SEP 4.7 MAG 6.48,10.10 SP K1III DIST. 444.44 PC (1449.76 L.Y.)

BU 106 / Mu Lib: Easy, white & off white, 1 delta mag, ~3" [AB seen; 3 other pairings too faint]
14H 49M 19.09S -14° 08' 56.3" P.A. 6.4 SEP 1.95 MAG 5.61,6.62 SP A1PSRCREU DIST. 72.94 PC (237.93 L.Y.)

I thought if I aimed higher and away from the moon I'd have better luck, so I pointed to Izar -- but it too was flaring and fuzzy.  So I called it a night.

The moon was behind the meridian tree, about 1 degree north of Saturn -- had a look in binoculars before closing up.  Too bad for the marine haze and my telescope location, it would have made a nicer sight.

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