Wednesday, July 11, 2018

jupiter and doubles

Last night for an hour or so looking at Jupiter and some doubles with Big Blue.  Seeing started 6/10 but improved to 8/10, transparency 3/5.

Jupiter with the binoviewers.  The planet looks very dull with subdued colors.  But there was a nice dark barge in the NEB with a long tapering wedge running the rest of the belt.  There were many turbulent festoons in the equatorial zone, more of which appeared as it became darker and the seeing improved.  SEB narrowed at the limbs, and there was a slate grey narrow band running along the southern edge of the belt.  Both South and North Temperate Belts were seen.

@ 553x

Hu 1136: Tried hard.  Light orange A but no B seen, too faint (or still too bright out)
12H 05M 39.70S +62° 55' 59.3" P.A. 217 SEP 1.9 MAG 6.27,10.24 SP K1III-IV DIST. 117.92 PC (384.66 L.Y.)

STF 1752: Orange star perhaps a little elongated, tough.  [Trying for AB; three more fainter & wider pairings in the system.]
13H 28M 49.82S +59° 55' 41.7" P.A. 107 SEP 1 MAG 8.19,9.90 SP F8 DIST. 73.42 PC (239.5 L.Y.)

BU 802: Nearly perfect star image but B too faint.
13H 48M 36.15S +48° 21' 23.6" P.A. 224 SEP 3.7 MAG 7.56,11.78 SP A8IV DIST. 117.23 PC (382.4 L.Y.)

A 1097: Hair-split at best moments; half delta mag, <0.8".  A fainter star likely in the system about 30" distant. [AB seen; STF 1800 AB,C was the fainter star, 10.42 mag and 28.4"]
14H 02M 00.60S +57° 13' 28.6" P.A. 256.6 SEP 0.43 MAG 9.09,8.24 SP F5 DIST. 146.63 PC (478.31 L.Y.)

STF 1831: One pair close to another, 5" and 2 delta mag.  Part of a widely separated equal pair, and a gang of three stars further away.  [AB seen.  Seven visible stars in the system, five additional pairings]
14H 16M 08.47S +56° 42' 45.7" P.A. 134 SEP 5.7 MAG 7.16,9.56 SP A7IV DIST. 156.01 PC (508.9 L.Y.)

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