Wednesday, January 31, 2018

lunar eclipse

This morning was a "super blue blood moon" or something like that.  Super because the moon is closer to earth than usual, blue because it's the second full moon an January (a little arbitrary since humans made up the calendar), and blood because it's a lunar eclipse and would show in sunset colors from sunlight refracting through earth's atmosphere along its whole circumference.   "Peak" was to be at 5:30am

I set my alarm for 5am but woke on my own a few minutes before.  I was surprised that it was clear since we've had nothing but clouds for more than a month.  The moon was in between some yew trees on the west border of our yard, a nice dark orange-red, with a lighter crescent along the bottom.  I had a look by myself with binoculars for a while, then woke up Val and Clara (Carol was sick and needed to sleep).  We went outside wrapped in sleeping bags and blankets, and sat in reclining lawn chairs for a look.  It was cold but we were cozy.  We looked and used the binoculars, and talked, and listened to the morning sounds.  The bright crescent seemed to move over the minutes to the left / east limb of the moon, a sign of the moving shadow.  Val was excited to see her second eclipse in less than a year.

A very nice morning -- after a while we went back inside, Clara to sleep on the couch and Val and me to read until everyone was up.

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